Happy Spring readers. Guess enough time has passed since my last blog for me to hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

Okay, so again I allowed too much time to pass between blogs. Sometimes it's a confidence issue. Other times it's just wondering how to express myself. Even so, I am happy to always reach out.

It's been a long winter but I love winter. We're having a cold day today with lots of winds. Such days inspire more writing from me. Especially now at dusk with the twilight of the evening. Its my favorite time of the day. The view is always breathtaking to me. It's comforting and melancholy at the same time. Its hard to describe it on some levels. You have to feel it to understand.

So what have I been doing since November? I've been writing even while trying to promote my last book. My Child Series's last release "Child Game" was released last year. I've been working on the first book Love Child in the hopes I could submit it to a …

New Beginnings

Hello to my family. My friends. My readers. My fans. Okay, I'll stick to my readers. I love my readers.  Problem is I don't have as many as I need to be considered a successful author. I would say I've tried that I've given my best efforts to find readers but that wouldn't be true. At least not completely. And there's no one I can blame for this. Not really. I can only blame myself.

And I do. But this isn't a self-pity overture. I am not looking for sympathy.

So what am I looking for? That's easy. More readers. More friends for I consider readers to be friends no matter how you review anything I've written.  How do I go about this? How do I reach out? Where do I begin?  I'll begin here. By thanking my present readership. By thanking you for the support and love you've given me over the years. Since 2011 when Love Child was first published.

Unfortunately, I've been lost. I've read articles. I've spoken to fellow writers, fellow a…

Autumn Writing

Happy Autumn readers. Summer is officially over. Can't say it saddens me. I am not a summer person though the main reason for that its the humidity of summer days. Those sticky type days that make you sweat and breathe hard. Just last week was too hot for anything but air conditioning. Lucky to have the air conditioning. But not being able to walk because of oppressive heat can be frustrating. I can handle walking on a freezing cold day more than I can walk on a hot humid day. At least I can adjust my scarf and hat during a cold spell. Not much you can do during a hot one.

I look forward to crisp winds, colored leaves, invigorating walks, and Pumpkin spice. Its a bittersweet season for me now for personal reasons, but memories can still make this time of year special.

I also look forward to the new books my favorite authors are putting out like Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, and others. I am also writing another edition to my Child Series or I really should say Tommy Hulette series at th…

The Release of Child Game...Reflections and thoughts.

The release of a new book is always nerve-wracking. Speaking for myself I experience the anxiety, the worrying, and all the isolation a new book release can cause. I probably should say you feel more helpless than isolated. Or it may be fair to say I feel both equally. Once an author puts a book out there (traditional or self-published even if the traditional often has the better track record and a larger fan base) it's out of our hands. We have no control how readers will react to it. All we can do is promote it, and believe in what we published. But its still nerve-wracking

Child Game is the new book in the Child Series. It is the fourth book where once again Tommy Hulette is the protagonist and narrator of his returning nightmare. Once again he must fight, despite everything falling apart around him. But he does fight. Forced to return to New York the city he escaped from years ago (from the painful events from Child Scorned) Tommy is not only fighting for himself he must figh…

A Nor'easter, poetry, and Child Game

Hello. We are having a beautiful Nor'easter with fat snowflakes coming down. The ground has been covered with the lovely white blanket snow has often been described as. Of course it is March and close to Spring, but I as always love this snowy weather and the isolation it can create. (yes yes I speak for myself...yes I know lol) I've been writing a good share of poetry these past few days while wrapping up my latest novel to the Child Series Child Game. Child Game will be the fourth book of my Child Series.

The protagonist of the series Tommy Hulette is lured back to New York when a suicide is committed in his late father's apartment. He learns that his tormentor and half brother Joe Sanchez is released from the prison hospital causing Tommy great concern and distress not only for his family, but for an innocent public. It doesn't take Tommy long to wonder if the suicide in question is linked to Joe in any way especially for its timing. In the meantime Tommy's wife…

Promotion and Reconnecting

Hello readers of the blog. Though its late I still will like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. I wish you good health, peace, and good things for 2018 which we are already nearly two months into.

There isn't much I can say about 2017 except to say it was a year of many personal changes for me. I mentioned the death of my father the year before, and the sudden loss of my therapist only a month before. My second poetry book "Turmoil" was published along with my last Christmas book "J and K Christmas 2017" I wish I could say that the books were selling well. I take blame for that because I have to acknowledge my lack of promotion skills, along with my shyness. I am a true introvert who struggles to get outside sometimes. More often than not I just want to write, not promote. I am not afraid to promote my work. I just need to overcome the shyness I struggle with sometimes. My reluctance to show myself to an often scary wor…

Procrastination for a Writer

Good to be back readers, and fellow bloggers. As always I know how long its been. I always have reasons for these prolonged absences, and they have been real reasons. Unfortunately, procrastination has been one of those reasons, a big reason why I've struggled to finish some things. I'm hoping by admitting that, I can finally face it, and do something about it; starting with more writing. And more blogging.

Of course I have my usual writings. I am currently finishing the latest novel in my Child Series "Child Game" while simultaneously wrapping up J and K Christmas. I wanted to release J and K Christmas sooner this year even if just on kindle for awhile. I wanted to give the book time to circulate, to make its rounds, well I hoped to get it out there. Give it a chance to sell something by Christmas. I suppose I still have a little time, but I hoped to make it different this year.

But I'm a writer. I procrastinate. I wait too long. I get distracted. I'm a nig…