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Love Child Book 1 in the Child Series

Love Child is the first novel of my child series. It is the story of Tommy Hulette which is also told from his point of view. It is an intense story of betrayal and survival especially for Tommy who must find a way to survive in a sudden world of depression that would eventually claim his mother's life as she decides to take her own life. Devastated by this Tommy turns his attention to his little sister Greta who he was already responsible for, and the new girl from Starrett City Stephanie Mandan who befriended him over the summer. Heartbroken he is determined to help his father and sister cope with the tragedy that changed their lives only for their father to send them away... I am happy to share an excerpt from the book chapter one titled Mama's Burden Mama’s Burden As I paused by my tiny apartment, I signed as I took a look around me. Walls scribbled with graffiti were all over the halls. Garbage littered the floors. A bad smell of urine drifted up to my nostrils which…
Poetry writing hard as it is, needing support but not getting much. Hard to impress those you don't know, but what happens when friends act the same. Am I no good? Is that what it is? Fooling myself don't see the support. Poetry writing or writing at all, genre perhaps Annie don't know. All Annie knows is she doesn't know, No one likes it and she cries in pain.

Poetry Marathon

Hello I am happy to say that I took part of the poetry marathon this past weekend. There was the 24 hour marathon, and the 12 hour marathon, and I took part of the 12 hour. I am even happier to say that I completed the 12 hours. It was challenging as it was fun. I was nervous to be in the company of so many poets, but it was a great way to meet new people all trying to accomplish the same things. It was also very good company to be in. The Half marathon consisted of 12 hours of poetry writing. A poem to be submitted every 12 hours at least this was the half marathon. The 24 hour was the submission of 24 poems within 24 hours. I may attempt to try that next year. I will say this as simple as they made the rules for anyone to enter the marathon it really wasn't that simple. The process was draining and more emotionally for different reasons at least for me. All in all it was a great experience and I'm grateful to have participated.
Happy New Year fans, friends, family. I hope you all had a great New Year, and a wonderful Christmas season. I am sad about Christmas ending as I am every year. I love Christmas always have, and I truly enjoy it every year, or I try to enjoy it every year. I run a few Christmas pages on Facebook as well as some groups. These pages and groups have over 1000 followers and it's really something. One of my pages Christmas Daily has over 18,000 followers. This is still amazing to me.

I truly enjoy writing about Christmas as an author. For the last three years I released my book J and K Christmas which covered Christmas poetry, and one or two short stories. This year's book J and K Christmas 2014 covers my Christmas poetry. It also covers different poems from different writers, beautiful poetry. I am honored and humbled that they submitted poems for my book this year. I love seeing their poems next to mine throughout the book. And while I enjoy reading all this poetry, I was surpris…