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Love Child Book 1 in the Child Series

Love Child is the first novel of my child series. It is the story of Tommy Hulette which is also told from his point of view. It is an intense story of betrayal and survival especially for Tommy who must find a way to survive in a sudden world of depression that would eventually claim his mother's life as she decides to take her own life. Devastated by this Tommy turns his attention to his little sister Greta who he was already responsible for, and the new girl from Starrett City Stephanie Mandan who befriended him over the summer. Heartbroken he is determined to help his father and sister cope with the tragedy that changed their lives only for their father to send them away... I am happy to share an excerpt from the book chapter one titled Mama's Burden Mama’s Burden As I paused by my tiny apartment, I signed as I took a look around me. Walls scribbled with graffiti were all over the halls. Garbage littered the floors. A bad smell of urine drifted up to my nostrils which…