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My Christmas Book J and K Christmas received this review from Readers Favorite (Book Reviews and Award Contest)

Book Review Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

J and K Christmas 2013 by A.M. Torres is a compilation of Christmas related poems and short stories which capture the magic, essence, and joy of Christmas. There are some beautiful pictures of the season that is magical and enchanting to readers, especially for those who live in countries where Christmas is not such a huge celebration. The holiday season, shopping, snow, Christmas presents, Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, Father Christmas etc. are all there in this beautiful and thematic collection.

Christmas is a season of joy and giving. 'Share the Love on Christmas' is one such poem which speaks about sharing. In 'Christmas Through the Years,' the poet reminisces about his Christmases with his parents. He also speaks about the magic of Christmas Eve in the 'L…
Young girl trapped inside, It's time to let it go
Forced to learn some things that young girls shouldn't know,
Sour gall and tears, and facing so much fear,
Young girl turns around and longs for someone dear.
Young girl trapped inside, with no way to speak up
Unsure of herself she cries with no such luck,
Young girl trapped inside, let go of the past
Where memories that hurt linger on and last.

Young girl trapped inside, with fear of everything,
Remembering past hurts, that still cling and cling,
Wishing she could run, so she won't blame herself
Silence kept her numb, so she just couldn't tell.

Young girl trapped inside, Learn to live and fight
This way he can't come and chase you out of sight,
Young girl please come out, and kiss the past goodbye
Just come out and tell, and don't live in a lie.
I am writing a new book for the J and K holiday series of books. This one will be called J and K Valentine my first holiday book that is not Christmas. Christmas is still my favorite season of course, but this book will be a experimental try, and a chance to branch out to a new holiday theme. The book will contain poems of love, and longing, and missing someone. The book will also have the short story sequel "For The Love Of Annie" the sequel to "Miracle of a Black Cat." I will share the link for Miracle of a Black Cat right here. It will be a small book, but I am excited for it. It will be a great addition for anyone who loves poems and short stories. I hope to have it ready very soon, and just in time for Valentine's Day.

A.M Torres Reflections of 2013. Fresh start for 2014.

I cannot believe I've had this blog for so long, and did not know what to write on it. Then again it wasn't so much that. At least not all of it. Truth to tell there were times, I was simply overwhelmed. In fact since publishing my first novel Love Child back in 2011, I've been somewhat overwhelmed on where to take promotion, and just not knowing where to start with it. Being a currently unemployed mom I have to say that money too is a factor. Then there is shyness. And if that is not enough then there is the time I tried devoting to my other projects like Child No More, the sequel to Love Child. And as I posted earlier there were my Christmas books I worked on as well so it was rough to write and promote. Now these are things I factored in along with being a mother of two one 16 year old teenager and one precious three year old little boy.

I talk of being overwhelmed as a writer, an author. I want to succeed. But I admit I just don't know how to do that. Well I know, …

J and K Christmas 2013

Hello. I am A.M Torres. I am the author of my novels Love Child, Child No More, and two Christmas books. I finished my last book J and K Christmas 2013 right in time for Christmas 2013. The holidays may be over, but J and K Christmas 2013 can still be a wonderful addition to your reading library especially if you enjoy the holidays and Christmas poetry. This is my second book in this compilation, and some of the poems were personal like "My Father's Christmas Tree." I hope you give it a chance. For me there was some emotion putting this together, but with my love of Christmas it was well worth it. Merry Christmas (belated maybe Ha Ha)