Podcast Interviews.


Hello readers. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post, but if I'm honest it's been a struggle in learning what a writer should post about in her blog.

This column I posted on Steemit is based on my hope to get back on podcast interviews. First of all I need to get to finding them again, even as I need to begin with the local media here in New York city. Being an author since 2011 I was very nervous during the interviews I did manage to land. I thought I sounded nervous as well which is what I discuss in this column.

I think it's fair to say that anyone can get nervous before doing any interview even on podcast so it's not unusual to admit being nervous. And these interviews were about five years ago. But if I'm to promote my series of books I need to get back into fully promoting them and that will include planning interviews again at some point. Well at least I can hope to land some again. I believe I wouldn't sound so nervous this time. I feel more confident now. I hope lol. If anyone out there can offer some pointers (authors who've done their share of interviews especially) I really would appreciate it. I appreciate any feedback for the article as well.

Thank you

A.M. Torres


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