Shadowed Tears

As I posted here my first poetry book Shadowed Tears received a review from Realistic Poetry International. They titled my review "Dismal" but gave it five stars. I was thrilled with the review, even as I must admit I was a little concerned. Perhaps it was the dismal label, but I am very grateful for an honest review, especially when that review can show five stars.

I dedicated Shadowed Tears to my father who passed away this month on October 4. I chose the purple cover to bring awareness to Alzheimers Disease which he had. The poems I posted in this book where themes that some may find sad, and yet they are themes we deal with on an every day basis or we used to deal with them. Bullying, for one was such a theme that not everyone may deal with, but enough people have. Traumas, in general as my poetry also touched on, and depression. Dark thoughts, and of course there was my father's illness which I wrote about as well. These kind of themes.

Now with my father's unexpected passing (yes despite the Alzheimers it still came quite suddenly) I want to take this moment to remember him, and dedicate the book to him again, and the review I received from Realistic Poetry International. I began the book before a traumatic event in my life would occur (my father would wind up hospitalized the same weekend) and I somehow completed it after it. My father gave me strength to complete it just like he always gave me strength to survive being me even as I was like he always put it "with my head in the clouds."

I love having my head in the clouds. That hasn't changed. And now more than ever I need to be there.


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