New Beginnings

Hello to my family. My friends. My readers. My fans. Okay, I'll stick to my readers. I love my readers.  Problem is I don't have as many as I need to be considered a successful author. I would say I've tried that I've given my best efforts to find readers but that wouldn't be true. At least not completely. And there's no one I can blame for this. Not really. I can only blame myself.

And I do. But this isn't a self-pity overture. I am not looking for sympathy.

So what am I looking for? That's easy. More readers. More friends for I consider readers to be friends no matter how you review anything I've written.  How do I go about this? How do I reach out? Where do I begin?  I'll begin here. By thanking my present readership. By thanking you for the support and love you've given me over the years. Since 2011 when Love Child was first published.

Unfortunately, I've been lost. I've read articles. I've spoken to fellow writers, fellow authors. I've asked for advice. I've asked for help. But again I didn't know where to apply myself. I didn't know how to put the advice to good use. I felt helpless even though I wasn't. And I can't tell you how frustrating the whole climb has been.

So what else can I say? That I've considered quitting? That I'm overwhelmed? I can say many things you've heard before and they would still be true. And it would also be different at least coming from me.  After all, I'm coming out of my comfort zone. The comfort zone that allowed me to remain hidden. Where I didn't have to confront myself on where I've gone wrong and what mistakes I've made. All writers need to come out of their comfort zone if they hope to connect with others especially potential readers. Its advice I've received time and again but like everything else I wasn't sure how to apply it.

I am making the effort today. I am not going to share any of my book covers like I've done in the past. I am not going to share any excerpts of my novels. I just want to talk to you. Ask questions about the kind of books you read. Your favorite authors. I would love to know.

Do you love poetry? For this holiday season, I am planning to release a few of my Christmas poems on PDF perhaps or some other format. These poems were printed in previous Christmas books and I would love to share them with anyone interested.

Getting out of my comfort zone is not easy but its a start. A new beginning. Hope to have you here with me.


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