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A.M Torres Reflections of 2013. Fresh start for 2014.

I cannot believe I've had this blog for so long, and did not know what to write on it. Then again it wasn't so much that. At least not all of it. Truth to tell there were times, I was simply overwhelmed. In fact since publishing my first novel Love Child back in 2011, I've been somewhat overwhelmed on where to take promotion, and just not knowing where to start with it. Being a currently unemployed mom I have to say that money too is a factor. Then there is shyness. And if that is not enough then there is the time I tried devoting to my other projects like Child No More, the sequel to Love Child. And as I posted earlier there were my Christmas books I worked on as well so it was rough to write and promote. Now these are things I factored in along with being a mother of two one 16 year old teenager and one precious three year old little boy.

I talk of being overwhelmed as a writer, an author. I want to succeed. But I admit I just don't know how to do that. Well I know, and then I think I know, and I'm trying too many things at once. I read advice, I search up blogs, and before I know it the day is over, and I'm playing catch up. I have a vague feeling of what I need to work on, but then never do. This becomes frustrating and a common thing. It is something that I need to work in 2014. Enough of excuses, yes excuses. Sure all these factors are hard, but I cannot succeed as an author if I continue to allow these things to overwhelm me so I wind up with a day full of regrets, and still with nothing done. 

For 2014 I already was making some plans and here they are. I am going to try hard to work on my dream of becoming a mainstream author or at least a well known one. There are things I can do and work on in making this dream become a reality.

1. Even without money there are ways I can promote my books without spending anything. Every day I go for a walk or almost every day depending on the weather. I can take sales sheets and give them to my neighbors for one. I can ask our stores to put them up in their store, or I can check and see if they would be willing to allow me to leave copies of my sales sheet with them. Word of mouth can go a long way, and this would be a good way to start.

2. Write more blogs. I will make it my business to write as much as possible every day. I will try to add to this blog every day. I will work on keeping it active, while meeting wonderful people who can help me out, even as I help them. I will probably add book reviews, and author interviews to help others pursuing this writer's dream as much as I am.

3. I can request more book reviews which is something I'm sure I can do even here. Book Reviews can help a lot. I need to make better time of my time on social media. I need to make better use of my time on Facebook and Twitter. This has been a constant challenge, but I am determined to face it in 2014.

4. These are just a few things. I have notebooks where I'm posting plans for the next day, and that has helped. I need to sleep more. I know that too. So with some hope I will hope for a more successful year hoping that I can stay focused, and determined to finally show everyone that I am a writer.


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